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An excellent way to organize your to-do list


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Wunderlist is a virtual planner that lets you organize and share lists of tasks. Whether you have your own business, have a busy schedule, or are simply planning a trip, Wunderlist will help you keep everything in perfect order.

The app lets you easily add all these elements to your planner, and you can then share them with whomever you like. In addition, your Wunderlist account syncs with all the other devices that have the program installed, so you can edit your agenda from your mobile phone, tablet or PC, interchangeably.

One of the strengths of Wunderlist is its elegant and versatile design. You can move quickly through all the different tabs on your agenda, scheduling alerts, notifications and other helpful reminders.

Wunderlist is an excellent tool for those users who often need to keep track of their appointments or important events. You will always have everything under control, and can do so from an interface that has been perfectly adapted to touch devices.